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About Us

Who Are We?

Bluegrass Recycle is an electronic waste, otherwise known as “E-Waste” recycling business. Our mission is to give businesses a green alternative to dispose of their electronic equipment both affordably and in an environmentally positive way.

First, what is E-Waste? Electronic waste is a broad term used to describe any type of used electronics. Examples include items such as: computers, laptops, cell phones, routers, and office equipment.

It’s common for used electronics to simply be thrown out in the trash; however, there are many parts of the electronics which are reusable, recyclable, or salvageable. It is common for older computers still in working order to be replaced by a newer model, and entities need to determine what to do with the dated PCs. Other computers may need a hard drive replacement or a simple repair to get them back online, but the cost of the repair can equal the purchase of a new PC, so a company may determine it’s more cost effective to dump the old. When that happens, we can take on the item, refurbish it, destroy any old proprietary or private information, and re-sell it.

In other instances, when the electronics are not salvageable, the copper, steel, and plastic are separated and sold as secondary scrap, recycled, and given a new life.

What Bluegrass Recycle does is make it possible for environmentally conscious companies to dispose of their e-waste in a very affordable fashion. We work with businesses in nearly every sector and industry. If e-cycling is not something your business has considered, you need to contact us to see how your company can go green and dispose of surplus e-waste without spending a fortune.

Bluegrass Recycle’s goal is to keep the region green. We provide computer and electronics recycling throughout the Ohio Valley Region, including: Louisville, Charleston, Cincinnati, Nashville, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas. If you aren’t sure we offer services in your area or you if have general questions about what we do, contact us!