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Wire & Cable Recycling

How are Wire and Cable Recycled?

All wire is recyclable.

Wires include, but are not limited to: telephone wire, computer wire, power cords, and ultra-fine wire. Commonly these wires or cables are used with mice, keyboards, computers, telephones, fax machines, printers, televisions, photo copiers, servers, clock radios, mp3 players, and more. The list is endless. If you can plug it in, the wire can be recycled.

Cable and wire are recycled through many different processes.

Most methods separate the metal from the rubber or plastic casing. Frequently, a special machine is used which grinds the wire and separates the commodities.

Another method is called “chopping.” A specialized machine is used to chop the wire into various lengths and sizes. Air is then used to separate metal from any insulation.

The end result of both methods is the separation of steel, brass, copper, plastic, rubber in the concentrated form of tiny pellets. All of these products may then be sold directly to rubber, plastic, and metal manufacturers.