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Welcome To Bluegrass Recycle:

*FREE business pickup service available with qualifying IT items. See our Pickup Service page for more details. Submit pictures and details in our Pickup form below to get scheduled.

What you can expect from Bluegrass Recycle:

  • We are dedicated to reducing electronics in landfills.
  • We provide a hard drive destruction service to protect your information.
  • We are proud to provide responsible electronics recycling.
  • We use only industry certified processors for our material.
  • We welcome any opportunity to answer your computer recycling questions.

Did you know?

Many states have already made it illegal to put e-trash in landfills. Unwanted computers and similar equipment are rapidly clogging our landfills and pose an environmental hazard.

According to an EPA report in 2009, Americans generated 3 million metric tons of unwanted electronics, only 17.7% of that was recycled. The rest was incinerated or put in landfills.

Other EPA e-waste statistics estimate that 68% of people are storing their e-waste in their homes.

We work with only a handful of domestic processors to ensure they have a combination of good track records as well as industry or state certifications.

Benefits of Computer Recycling:

  • Conserve Our Natural Resources: Computer and other e-waste recycling recovers material that can be used to make new technology.
  • Protect Our Environment: Safely recycling electronics helps keep hazardous substances from harming people and our plants.
  • Strengthen Our Economy: Recycling e-waste provides over 112 million pounds of material, including steel, glass, plastic, and precious metals, for manufacturing of new products.
  • Create Storage Space: By recycling your unwanted electronics you free up valuable storage space in your home or office, giving you more space to work or play.

Types of Items We Recycle FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Switches
  • Circuit Boards
  • Telecom Equipment
  • IT Equipment
  • Satellite Boxes
  • Business Phones
  • Cell Phones
  • LCD Monitors
  • UPS Units (Battery Backups)
  • Car, Forklift and Backup Batteries
  • Cable, Cords and Wire
  • and MORE…